The Goals of Neurotechnology

Unfortunately, from a PR standpoint, neurotechnology doesn’t have a single, intuitive goal like climate tech, longevity research, or to a lesser extent artificial intelligence.

Instead the state of neurotech is like the early days of personal computing (god help us). There are so many possible use cases that it’s hard to make a succinct argument for its importance.

So in lieu of a succinct argument, here’s an unprioritized list of possible neurotech applications. Hopefully it’ll at least help people see that neurotech is about more than controlling their phones with their brains. And ideally it’ll convince some of you to join Team Neurotech. Whatever your skills, you can get involved!

Note: I’m not endorsing all these goals as desirable. There are a lot I personally wouldn’t want. Going for completeness here.

Thanks to Milan Griffes and Quintin Frerichs for brainstorming.

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