Migration as an Altruistic Act

One of the loudest echoes in the chamber these days is that increasing migration from poor regions to rich regions would massively increase wellbeing in the world.

That seems true to me, at least on the margin.  But I’m curious about the other direction: people moving from rich regions to poor ones.  Is moving to a city in a developing country is an underrated “career move” for altruists?  I don’t mean moving to work at a nonprofit or company, necessarily. Just the act of moving, and even just for a few years.

As a hypothetical: consider a well-educated, remote-work-able professional living in Boston who’s not in the 90th percentile of effectiveness in their field.

If they moved to, say, Lusaka, the following are possible, from most to least certain:

Key caveat: the main downside of this is that it smells…colonial.

Still, as long as the people migrating aren’t malicious and are aware of how not to be insufferable saviors or colonizers, it’s hard for me to see how this isn’t net beneficial.

But maybe you see it differently?